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Flight Training - Cleared for Takeoff

We Teach the World to Fly

AeroclubMarin is a Cessna Pilot Center that offers unparallel service.  Our training facilities have a friendly, comfortable atmosphere and are state-of-the-art.  Flight training is done in Instruction is in a 2003 Cessna 172SP (180 HP) aircraft with professional and FAA Certified Instructors.  Plus we offer an interactive, computer based curriculum - and industry exclusive. 

Learning to Fly - We make it fun, convenient, and affordable!
  How to Start
  Computer Based Instruction
  What Aircraft will I Fly?
  Schedule a Discovery Flight
Advanced Ratings - Increase your skills or start on your flying career!
  Instrument Rating
  Commercial License
  Multi-Engine Training
  Become a Instructor
  Airline Transport Pilot

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