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What Aircraft will I fly?
Your classroom will be the Cessna Skyhawk. It's a joy to fly in fact, it's the most popular airplane ever made. You'll have several at your flight school for rental during, and after, your training.
The Skyhawk will comfortably carry two adults and their luggage at a pulse-quickening 140 mph, thanks to a 160-hp engine, and it can fly for 800 miles without stopping. It's 27 feet long, more than 8 feet tall, weighs 2,450 pounds fully loaded, and has a wingspan of 36 feet.

On the inside, the Skyhawk offers a 360-degree view out of its tinted windows. A quiet, sound-proof cabin. And a full complement of communication and navigation radios that allows a properly trained pilot to fly trips in nearly all kinds of weather, at any time of day.

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